Inspect. Modify. Debug.

Reveal brings powerful runtime view debugging to iOS developers. With advanced visualisations, comprehensive inspectors and the ability to modify applications on the fly, you’ll be debugging view layout and rendering problems in seconds.

New in Reveal

Create and share snapshots1.6


Share snapshots with your team or use them as point-in-time reference during development.

Multi-window support1.6


Get different perspectives of your app or inspect multiple projects simultaneously.

Inspect tvOS apps 1.6

Reveal inspecting a tvOS app.

Seamlessly inspect tvOS apps using the same powerful tools you use for iOS apps.

iOS 9 support 1.6

iOS 9 support

Integrate Reveal with bitcode enabled applications and inspect new classes and properties in iOS 9.

Auto Layout inspection


Inspect and modify auto layout constraints live in your application. Find and discover relationships between views and their constraints to get the full picture on how they’re laid out at runtime.

Unparalleled accuracy

Reveal renders map views

With precise 2D composition and rendering of transformed views, Reveal provides the most accurate presentation of an application's view hierarchy available.

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