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Use Reveal to inspect apps at runtime, find and fix layout problems, and review your accessibility experience.


Introducing the Accessibility Workspace

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Reveal is a powerful set of tools for professional iOS developers. Use advanced visualizations to inspect apps at runtime, modify views on the fly, debug layout problems, diagnose common accessibility issues, and even experience your app across different modes of accessibility.

New in Reveal

Accessibility Workspace Beta

An all-new way to inspect your app's accessibility experience.

  • A screen shot of Reveal's New Accessibility Navigator, which shows a list of every accessibility element on screen.


    Browse, filter and inspect your app's accessible interface elements.

  • A screen shot of an app, but split to show two different color blindness types.


    Simulate your app's VoiceOver or Voice Control interfaces, and even emulate color vision deficiencies.

  • Screen shots of various tools within Reveal: the VoiceOver element, Color Contrast annotation, and Voice Control indicators, each over elements of an inspected app in Reveal.


    Use tools such as the Color Contrast modes to ensure a great accessible experience.

Screen shot of Reveal

Other updates

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