Reveal 3

Reveal 3 is now available to all users with a current license, and as a 14-day trial. This is primarily a bug fix and performance update and addresses the following issues:

  • Improves performance on machines running Intel GPUs under macOS Sierra
  • Fixes a crash when the target iOS app is missing the CFBundleVersion or CFBundleShortVersionString keys in it’s Info.plist
  • Upgrades our sample app, Soundstagram, to 64-bit. This fixes the warning that was shown in the iOS 10.x Simulator.
  • Other minor fixes to visual issues

We’ve improved our CocoaPods podspec, and updated the Reveal knowledge base with improved instructions for CocoaPods including correctly updating and de-integrating the Reveal-SDK.

We’ve also been working with JetBrains to improve AppCode’s Reveal integration when working with iOS 10 simulators. There were some minor issues that we believe are resolved in the latest preview version of AppCode 2016.3 (part of JetBrains’ Early Access Program, or “EAP”). If you’re keen to have a look, you can download the AppCode 2016.3 EAP from JetBrains’ AppCode EAP page.

You can report problems and give us feedback from within Reveal (see “Help → Submit Feedback”), and via our discussion forums.