New in Reveal


Taking it to eleven

Reveal supports iOS 11, tvOS 11 and Xcode 9. We’ve added support for over 30 new properties across classes and protocols like MKMapView, UICollectionView, UIView and many others!

Layout Guides

Layout Guides

Reveal now supports inspecting Auto Layout guides and focus guides, making it invaluable for debugging apps using modern iOS and tvOS layout APIs.

Touch Bar Support

Touch Bar Support

Use context-sensitive Touch Bar controls to effortlessly work with your app's view hierarchy on Apple's new MacBook Pro notebooks.


Don't waste time guessing


A beautiful perspective

Reveal uses Scene Kit to show your application's view hierarchy in a whole new light. Rotate, zoom and navigate your application to solve difficult problems in seconds.


Live edits

Edit and modify views in your running application to see the effect immediately. No more recompiling to test simple visual changes.

Reveal renders map views

Comprehensive inspectors

With detailed custom inspectors for a wide range of UIKit classes you'll be able to see and edit more properties than any other tool.

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See relationships

Get your head around unfamiliar code. Reveal helps you to easily identify which classes implement which views.

AppCode integration

Start inspecting iOS applications quickly and easily using AppCode's built-in support for Reveal.


Unparalleled tools for finding and fixing layout problems


Visualize constraints

Find and discover relationships between views and constraints directly on the canvas.


Layout inspector

View detailed layout properties in the dedicated layout inspector.

Reveal renders map views

Constraint participation

Quickly edit or navigate to constraints that affect a view's layout.

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Constraint ownership

See constraints owned by a view in the outline, and identify those created by the system.


From the simplest application to the most complex,
Reveal gives you the tools to focus on what's important

Simplify the hierarchy


Make complex applications easier to understand by collapsing parts of the view hierarchy. Reveal is the only tool that allows you to condense views to get a more accurate picture of your application.

Isolate hierarchies


View hierarchies can get complex. Double click a view to focus on it, and all its subviews.

Filtered view


Tailor the amount of information displayed for the task at hand. Toggle the display of hidden views, constraints, wireframes and content.

And much more…

Auto Layout warnings and errors

Auto Layout warnings & errors

Reveal highlights views and constraints affected by common Auto Layout issues, helping you to fix layout problems faster.

Improved filtering in Reveal

Improved filtering

Filter your view hierarchy for specific attributes such as classes, accessibility information, memory addresses and more.

Inspect tvOS apps

Inspect tvOS apps

Seamlessly inspect tvOS apps using the same powerful tools you use for iOS apps.

Reveal is faster

App Extensions

Inspect your App's Extensions, and debug issues that even Xcode can't see.

Multi-window Support

Multi-window support

Get different perspectives of your app or inspect multiple projects simultaneously.

Create and share snapshots

Create and share snapshots

Share snapshots with your team or use them as point-in-time reference during development.

USB connectin support

USB connection support

Avoid Bonjour and other network connectivity issues by simply plugging your device into your Mac via its USB cable.

Unparalleled Accuracy

Unparalleled accuracy

With precise 2D composition and rendering of transformed views, Reveal provides the most accurate presentation of an application's view hierarchy available.