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How Reveal Helps
Reveal's Layout Workspace Icon

Fix your app’s layouts

Reveal will help you to quickly find and fix layout issues in your app.

Tools for professional mobile developers

Advanced visualizations

Reveal uses SceneKit to show your application’s view hierarchy in a whole new light. Rotate, zoom and navigate your application to solve difficult problems in seconds.

Constraint ownership

Find and discover relationships between views and constraints directly on the canvas.

See relationships

Get your head around unfamiliar code. Reveal helps you to easily identify which classes implement which views.

Comprehensive inspectors

With detailed inspectors for a wide range of classes you’ll be able to see and edit more properties than any other tool.

Auto Layout warnings & errors

Reveal highlights views and constraints affected by common Auto Layout issues, helping you to fix layout problems faster.


  • Support for Xcode 15 & UIKit SDK 17
  • Auto Layout constraint visualization
  • Auto Layout warnings & errors
  • See a view's participating constraints
  • See constraint ownership
  • Collapse, expand and focus on individual views
  • Gesture recognizers
  • Core Animation Layers
  • Filter by name, class, memory address & more
  • Inspect iOS, iPadOS & tvOS apps
  • Inspect App Extensions
  • Save and share snapshots
  • Interact with system fonts & colors
  • Live edit UIKit views

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