25% off for Cyber Monday

25% off for Cyber Monday

Reveal has had a huge year so far.

Every year we ship time saving, developer loving features, but if those aren’t enough to convince you: we’re offering 25% off the first year for new subscribers for Cyber Monday.

To access the discount, enter the coupon “CYBERMONDAY22” when making your purchase.

Here are some highlights from the last year:

Reveal’s new Accessibility Workspace has opened the door to fast and easy verification of your app’s accessible interfaces, using unique features like our real-time Color Vision Deficiency filters, and color contrast checking using the Accessible Perceptual Contrast Algorithm™ (or APCA™).

Sliced together screenshots of features from Reveal’s New Accessibility workspace.

We’ve included support for useful technologies in macOS like Shortcuts, which allow you to incorporate Reveal into your existing workflows, and control Reveal using Siri.

Apple’s macOS Shortcuts app showing a sample workflow using steps provided by Reveal.

Alongside the myriad of smaller features that we’ve shipped with each new release, we continue to invest in, and improve Reveal’s performance so that you can debug your user interfaces faster and with fewer interruptions to your flow.

And we’re not done - there are some really big features just around the corner that we believe are going to dramatically improve how you and your team debug and verify your apps. We’re not ready to give any Insights into those features just yet, but we’re very excited and can’t wait to share them with you.

If you have yet to subscribe, this is a great time to do it at a heavily discounted rate!

Tony Arnold
Tony Arnold
by Itty Bitty Apps