Improved Debugger Integration and More

Improved Debugger Integration and More

A new release of Reveal (v5) is available to all users with a current license, and as a 14-day trial.

This release brings improved debugger integration and a smattering of new features, bug fixes and performance improvements.

Improved Debugger Integration

Reveal now has tighter integration with the LLDB debugger. This makes using the breakpoint-based Reveal Server injection method easier and gives developers Reveal-oriented commands to use in LLDB’s debug console. See the associated blog post for more details.

New Features

  • Using Force Click on a view in the canvas will now focus on that view hierarchy sub-tree.
  • A new IBARevealServerDisableAutoStart user default that can be specified at iOS application start up to stop the Reveal Server from automatically starting. See RevealServer Configuration Options documentation for more details.

Performance Improvements

A handful of performance improvements were made in this release. In particular Reveal now prefers to use OpenGL over Metal on Intel GPUs on macOS Sierra (due to bugs with Metal on Sierra).

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed: Crashes when interacting with the view hierarchy/focus history path during refresh.
  • Fixed: Issues with the representation and serialisation of very large, very small, or out of bounds numeric values (NaN, Infinity, etc).
  • Fixed: UIView semanticContentAttribute inspector was showing incorrect values.
  • Fixed: Restoring a machine image from a Time Machine backup could lead to Reveal showing inaccurate activation dialogs.
  • Fixed: Reveal now recognises Reveal 1.x RevealLicense files and offers upgrade advice.
  • Fixed: Colours on Macs with wide gamut (P3) displays were not displayed correctly.

Minimum System Requirements

  • macOS 10.11
  • iOS 8
  • tvOS 9
  • Xcode 7.3

Note: The RevealServer.framework has changed. Please remember to update your projects to link to the new framework version.


Please report any problems you experience or give us feedback from within Reveal (see “Help → Submit Feedback”), or via our support site.

Oliver Jones
Oliver Jones
by Itty Bitty Apps