Introducing Insights, and new pricing

I have two announcements to share with you today:

First up, I’m proud to introduce Insights, a brand new workspace for Reveal. Insights runs a powerful, accessibility-focused audit of your app. Instantly. It will save you time and guide you to build better apps, for everyone.

Second, starting from November 14th, 2023 we’re simplifying our pricing model by unifying the Personal and Team subscription plans and introducing a single price point of $179 USD per year.

Read on for more detail.

Introducing Insights

Reveal’s new Insights workspace.

Reveal’s new Insights workspace.

The Reveal team have spent more than a year building the new Insights workspace, working with industry experts and organisations to encode their expertise into more than 130 rules that pinpoint areas of improvement for your app. These rules are based on a combination of industry and platform-specific guidelines, best practices and over a decade of our own experience developing apps.

Insights runs a powerful, accessibility-focused audit of your app using information extracted from both the visual and accessible user interfaces of your app. This combination of the accessible and visual user interfaces is unique to Reveal, and allows us to provide a level of insight that is more powerful than anything else available for iOS, iPadOS and tvOS.

This new functionality takes Reveal from a passive developer tool, where you need to know what to look for in order to identify issues, to one that proactively surfaces problems along with suggestions on how to fix them. This radically improves developer efficiency and allows you to see and address issues you may never have know existed in your apps.

If Reveal has saved you even a handful of hours of debugging or testing over the years, you’ll love the power of Insights and the productivity it provides.

You can see an early version of Insights in action in Chris & Tony’s talk from /dev/world/2023 earlier this year, Bridging the Accessibility Gap:

New Pricing

Today, we’re announcing that we’re simplifying our pricing model by unifying the Personal and Team subscription plans, and introducing a single price point of $179 USD per year. This new pricing will come in to effect from 14th November, but if you purchase Reveal before then you’ll be able to take advantage of our $119 USD introductory offer on your first year subscription.

Over the past two years Reveal has delivered major new functionality, including our groundbreaking Accessibility tools, and now, the directed checking, guidance and education provided by the new Insights workspace.

Every year Reveal is updated to support new features and properties that Apple introduce in their operating systems, frameworks and hardware. We also track major new features and improvements in Apple’s macOS releases to ensure Reveal is polished to look great and run smoothly on the latest Macs. It’s a big job, and we’re proud to have kept pace with Apple’s releases over the years.

All of these features and updates deliver incredible value, and we believe our new pricing reflects the amazing capabilities that Reveal provides. With your support we plan to continue to build groundbreaking new functionality in to Reveal that help you build better apps more effectively.

Note that we’ll continue to provide a 30% discount to staff and students of qualifying education institutions. For information on educational pricing, please contact

Tony Arnold
Tony Arnold
by Itty Bitty Apps