Layout Guides and the Touch Bar

Layout Guides and the Touch Bar

A new release of Reveal (v7) is available to all users with a current license, and as a 14-day trial.

You thought that after the huge set of new features we released last month we’d slow down and take a breather? No, Sir! We’ve got two great, chunky new features and a light dusting of bug fixes ready to go:

Reveal 7 adds support for inspecting Auto Layout guides, as well supporting dynamic, context-specific keyboard shortcuts on the Touch Bar of Apple’s new MacBook Pro.

Auto Layout Guides

New in this month’s release of Reveal is support for Auto Layout guides.

Being able to inspect layout guides is useful when debugging layout issues in views like UIStackView which use UILayoutGuide to implement their internal layout. For example, if a constraint attached to a layout guide gets broken by Auto Layout, inspecting your app in Reveal will highlight that constraint with a layout error, and now Reveal will also show which layout guide the constraint is related to, and visualize it in the Canvas.

You can read about this feature in-depth in Vlas’ introductory blog post.

Touch Bar Support

If you’re lucky enough to have one of Apple’s new MacBook Pro notebooks, we now support dynamic, context-specific hotkeys in the Touch Bar for:

  • Connecting to your iOS and tvOS apps
  • Controlling the canvas and outline view, including:
    • Filtering the view hierarchy
    • Refreshing the currently focused app
    • Toggling auto layout, system windows and hidden view display
    • Zooming the canvas
    • Controlling the display options of the canvas, including perspective (2D/3D) and the render mode (“Frames”, “Content” or “Frames and Content”)

We’d love your feedback on this feature!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: The position and size of the frontmost document window is remembered across launches.
  • Fixed: RevealServer.framework’s CFBundleShortVersionString is now the same as the version of Reveal that bundles it.

Minimum System Requirements

  • macOS 10.11
  • iOS 8
  • tvOS 9
  • Xcode 7.3

Note: The RevealServer.framework has changed. Please remember to update your projects to link to the new framework version.


If you have a question, or would like to give us feedback, you can do so from within Reveal (see “Help → Submit Feedback”), or via our support forum.

Tony Arnold
Tony Arnold
by Itty Bitty Apps