Reveal 14


  • Reveal now prefers using Metal over OpenGL for Canvas rendering when running on macOS High Sierra. This significantly improves performance on computers without discrete GPUs
  • _UINavigationControllerPaletteClippingView is now included in the list of system views and windows, hidden in Canvas by default
  • Reveal is now smarter about marking views as ’too large’ in the Canvas. Size limit has also been raised for apps running in the Simulator
  • Horizontal and vertical stack views now have different icons in the Outline view, making it easier to tell them apart
  • Inspectors now validate manually entered values for certain attributes (specifically NSLayoutConstraint.priority) and prevent setting values outside of normal range for those attributes
  • Minimum width of Reveal’s windows has been decreased from 1200 to 1080 points to allow use on narrow displays


  • Fixed a crash occurring on MacBook Pro computers with a Touch Bar when a document is closed while a selection is active
  • Fixed CALayer.maskedCorners attribute not being editable
Requires a full or trial license to use.