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Reveal 15


  • Added Layer Inspection Support (Beta)


  • Layout Constraints Inspection Improvements


  • Inspector for the directionalLayoutMargins property is now displayed correctly
  • Added missing inspectors for properties declared in UITextDraggable protocol: textDragActive, textDropActive, textDragOptions
  • Participating Constraints inspector now correctly includes descriptions of firstBaseline and margin-related layout attributes
  • Changes to the list of windows on the screen are now detected correctly when the view hierarchy is modified using inspectors
  • Precise ordering of windows that share the same level is now preserved in the Outline and Canvas
  • If a view goes offscreen but is not deallocated while Reveal is collecting snapshot images (e.g. due to an animation completion), it is now captured correctly instead of showing up empty
  • Layout guide items in the Outline are now updated correctly when their identifier changes
  • Fixed a crash occurring when inspecting applications running in Simulator with views larger than 16384 pixels in size
  • New snapshots of applications running on devices and simulators with non-P3 displays will no longer appear ‘over-exposed’ in the Canvas when running High Sierra
  • Timeout for launching Soundstagram has been increased to avoid failing due to simulator environment taking a long time to initialise
  • Fixed Soundstagram failing to launch in some environments with lots of simulators
Requires a full or trial license to use.