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Reveal 19


  • Inspect gesture recognizers attached to your view hierarchy - we’ve added full support for viewing and inspecting gestures in the outline view
  • Support for Xcode 10.1 has been added
  • Added support for the following new properties UILabel.enablesMarqueeWhenAncestorFocused on tvOS and UITextInputTraits.passwordRules on iOS/tvOS


  • Broken layout constraints now provide more information about what is broken, and by how much


  • Performance when saving a Reveal snapshot has been significantly improved
  • Performance when resizing the view hierarchy outline view has been significantly improved
  • Disabled serialization of Display P3 images for Simulator targets. It turns out that the Simulator does not render P3 images at all - this should speed up loading and reloading, as non-P3 images are smaller in size
  • Fixes to visual problems that occurred under Mojave’s dark mode, including light scrollbars being shown in the outline under the light appearance (even though the content is always dark)
  • Fixed an issue where nil enumeration values did not show appropriate values in the enumeration and mask inspectors
  • Fixed an issue that was letting the transformation inspector fields grow too wide when displaying long values
  • Bitcode is now properly enabled for RevealServer when targeting devices - it is not included for Simulator builds
Requires a full or trial license to use.