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Reveal 23

Reveal’s main application is now fully sandboxed, and we use macOS’ hardened runtime. There are features that we offer that won’t work from within the sandbox, so we use a new XPC-based service for the following tasks:

  • Integrating with LLDB and Xcode by importing our LLDB python script into your LLD initialization file at ~/.lldbinit.
  • Communicating with your inspectable applications over USB.
  • Installing and launching our sample application, Soundstagram.

When you launch Reveal, you will now see a new “RevealAgent” service listed in your activity monitor alongside the main app while it is running.

If you have any questions about this XPC service, please drop an email to - we’re happy to provide more detail.


  • Reveal now copies RevealServer.framework, and our LLDB integration script to the Application Support directory (~/Library/Application Support/Reveal) at launch. This is in support of running Reveal as a properly sandboxed application.
  • We now link directly to the release notes published on our website at Our updates don’t show the new release notes yet, but will in a future update.
  • Providing feedback from within Reveal via the “Help → Submit Feedback” menu now directs users to our online feedback page at
  • Selecting a synthesized group in the view hierarchy outline view no longer shows the details for the first child in the inspectors. We felt that this behaviour was unexpected and non-discoverable.
  • We have replaced our custom IBACanvasForceOpenGL user default with the one provided by SceneKit. There is documentation on this on our support site at


  • Our LLDB integration scripts now work with both Python 2 and 3, as well as the first seed of Xcode 11 from WWDC19.
  • Fixed a number of issues with our font inspection - this was causing unwanted changes to the fonts on inspected elements.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing changes to the canvas from animating.
  • We’ve fixed issues with how our canvas was rendering UITableViews, specifically by not rendering _UITableViewCellSeparatorView instances whose separatorStyle == .none.
  • Fixed a rather impressive memory leak that shipped in the last release.
  • The initial canvas zoom is now consistent when opening snapshot files.
Requires a full or trial license to use.