Reveal 24

This version of Reveal brings new features and enhancements for inspecting views and attributes recently introduced in UIKit v13.


  • Style Overrides, which allow toggling between a Dark, Light or Inherited style for specific UIViews.
  • Support for inspecting UISearchTextField.
  • Support for inspecting UIVisualEffectView, including its UIBlurEffectStyle and UIVibrancyEffectStyle attributes.
  • Support for new UIActivityIndicatorViewStyle constants.
  • Support for UITableViewStyleInsetGrouped.
  • Support for UIStatusBarStyleDarkContent.
  • Support for CALayer.cornerCurve (squircles!).
  • Support for UIView’s new large content attributes.
  • Support for new accessibility attributes such as accessibilityRespondsToUserInteraction and accessibilityTextualContext.
  • Support for UITextView.usesStandardTextScaling.
  • Support for inspecting UIScrollView’s new iOS 13 attributes, such as automaticallyAdjustsScrollIndicatorInsets, horizontalScrollIndicatorInsets and verticalScrollIndicatorInsets.
  • Support for inspecting AutoFill, Quick Look and Unwanted Communication app extensions in Reveal.


  • RevealServer’s bundling script now allows specifying build configurations other than “Debug” to trigger deployment to your app bundle via the REVEAL_LOAD_FOR_CONFIGURATION environment variable.
  • The list of available simulator device types has been updated for Xcode 11.


  • Fixed a crash when inspecting an affine transform value.
  • The “already booted” simulator error is no longer an issue.
  • Reveal no longer soft-locks when object requests fail and/or get cancelled.
  • RevealServer’s bundling script has been updated - it was broken in v23.
Requires a full or trial license to use.