Reveal 28

Reveal now runs natively on Apple’s speedy new M1 Macs.

Reveal’s supported macOS, iOS and tvOS versions have all changed in this release:

  • This release of Reveal (v28) requires macOS 10.15.4 or newer.
  • This release of the Reveal SDK (v28) requires iOS 10.3 or newer.
  • This release of the Reveal SDK (v28) requires tvOS 10.2 or newer.


  • Reveal is now compiled as a Universal Binary for both Apple Silicon and Intel Macs.
  • Reveal SDK now includes an arm64 Simulator slice for injecting into Simulator apps running on Apple Silicon Macs.
  • Added a menu item, and keyboard shortcut (⌘⇧I) to navigate through the available inspector groups in the Inspectors pane.


  • RevealServer now accepts IPv6 connections.
  • Performance has been improved for some key items, such as loading document snapshots.
  • Reveal now uses application extensions to generate thumbnails and previews for QuickLook. You can enable/disable these from System → Extensions.
Requires a full or trial license to use.