Reveal 29

Once every 5 years or so, Apple completely redesigns the visuals of their operating systems. Last year at their Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC), Apple unveiled a major update to macOS — version 11, or “Big Sur” — that features a brand new look and feel. You can read more about macOS 11 on Apple’s site.

All macOS apps need a bit of tweaking to look right when major operating system updates are released — we’ve taken this opportunity to rework our user interface from the ground up. These changes have not only affected the way Reveal looks when running on macOS 11, but also how it runs: We’ve been able to simplify, optimize, and streamline many of our controls and views to improve responsiveness, and make some workflows dramatically faster.

As with every release, we’ve fixed the most frequent crashes and memory leaks to make Reveal even more reliable.

We hope that you really enjoy using this release, and that it continues to bring fast, accurate visual debugging to your workflow!


  • A completely new user interface, re-designed from the ground up to feel at home on macOS 11 “Big Sur”.


  • Reveal is faster. Connecting to and loading remote UIKit apps, traversing, focusing and filtering your view hierarchy, loading snapshots from disk - we’ve optimized almost every aspect of Reveal in this release.
  • Moving around the view hierarchy outline view using the keyboard no longer automatically expands selected nodes.


  • We’ve restored Python 2.x compatibility to our LLDB integration script for users who still need it.
  • Fixes a bug in our Bash scripts that prevented overriding REVEAL_LOAD_FOR_CONFIGURATION and other similar environment variables.
Requires a full or trial license to use.