Reveal 32

This release of Reveal is focused on foundational improvements to our UIKit serialization to support upcoming features, as well as general quality of life improvements.

Additionally, this release (v32) will be the last to support macOS 10.15. Future releases of Reveal will require macOS 11 or newer.


  • Right-clicking any view or layer node in the outline now allows you to export an image of that view to disk. Hold down the Option Key () to copy the image to the clipboard.


  • Performance should (once again) be significantly improved in a number of areas of the app.
  • Significantly reduced idle CPU use.
  • Added better errors for issues we expect users might encounter in normal use, including the ability to open a new bug report on our support site directly from the error dialog.
  • Improved the size and loading performance of our bundled documentation.
  • Improved the display names of system constraints in the outline.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented our bundled documentation from loading in Safari.
  • When inspecting a view that has a layout warning, the warning badge on the layout tab was displayed incorrectly - this has been fixed.
  • Fixed a crash due to a non-main thread access of the document’s isEditable property.
  • Fixed a bug in RevealServer that was logging warnings about unsupported font accesses.
  • Fixed MKMarkerAnnotationView showing properties for it’s parent class, MKAnnotationView.
  • Fixed a number of minor inconsistencies in our view hierarchy serializer.
  • Restored the ability to see NSObject identity information in the inspectors.
  • Fixed layout animations in the UUID inspector.
Requires a full or trial license to use.