Reveal 33

Reveal’s supported macOS versions have changed in this release. Reveal (v33) requires macOS 11 or newer.

This release of Reveal is focused on fixing a number of reported bugs and crashes. We’ve also improved our error reporting so that we are able to catch issues in Reveal earlier, and with enough detail that we’re able to reproduce and/or correct the issue.

As with all of our recent releases, there are quality of life and performance improvements included in this update.


  • Explicit support for inspecting iPadOS apps. iPads report a system name of “iPadOS” in iPadOS 15 and later (rather than the historical “iOS”). This was preventing Reveal Server from serializing certain properties and types properly in apps running on iPad.
  • A “Help” menu item to reset Reveal’s application support directory. This is mainly to streamline support queries, as we often ask people to do this as a troubleshooting step.


  • When using Reveal’s breakpoint integration method, Reveal’s LLDB commands now silently defer loading of Reveal Server until the first time your app calls UIViewController.viewDidLoad(). You should continue to use either UIApplicationMain or -[UIApplication _run] as the breakpoint symbol when loading Reveal Server.
  • Reveal now reports common errors that it encounters to our diagnostics service. This will allow us to better track and fix any issues that arise while you’re inspecting your apps. As with all of our analytics and crash/error reporting, our goal is to never include any identifying information. You can disable this via Reveal’s preferences by unchecking the “Share Analytics with Itty Bitty Apps” checkbox.


  • Errors and warnings weren’t being shown on the parents of collapsed child elements that had them in the outline view.
  • A timeout alert could be shown twice after the initial load of a remote app failed.
  • Reveal Server was serialising incorrect frame data due to internal UIKit changes when accessing the instrinsicContentSize property before the subviews property.
  • A memory leak in our layout constraint inspectors.
  • The UIDataDetectorType wasn’t being serialized properly.
  • A crash when inspecting the bundled sample app from help menu.
  • Reveal Server was returning an HTTP status code of 405 (Method Unsupported) rather than the correct underlying status.
Requires a full or trial license to use.