Reveal 34

This release of Reveal fixes bugs and crashes that have been affecting users.

The improved error reporting added in Reveal v33 has helped us catch and fix a number of issues that you’ve been experiencing regularly, so please keep the reports coming!


  • We’ve further improved the error reporting in this release. As with all of our analytics and crash/error reporting, our goal is to never include any identifying information. You can disable this via Reveal’s preferences by unchecking the “Share analytics with Itty Bitty Apps” checkbox.


  • A crash when misinterpreting an internal representation of UIScene.
  • A crash within RevealServer that happened when inspecting instances of the CALayer subclass VKMapView. We no longer attempt to capture images of these layers.
  • A crash caused by enumeration in Reveal’s canvas.
  • An error on apps running on iOS versions prior to iOS 14 that caused an unexpected nil response when trying to edit UIStackView’s backgroundColor property.
  • An error where our text inspectors weren’t handling nullable values correctly.
  • An error where the first retrieval of a transformer for optional values was failing.
Requires a full or trial license to use.