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Reveal 38


  • Contrast results will now display text foreground and background colours when these form the basis of the contrast result.
  • A new “Request timeout” advanced preference that allows you to change how long Reveal will wait before cancelling a long-running request. This can be useful for apps with extremely large view hierarchies.
  • A new “Force constrast checks to use P3 color space” advanced preference which, once active, will perform all contrast checks in the Display P3 color space, aligning results in a simulator with those on a physical device.


  • Shows icons for warnings and errors for affected elements in the canvas in VoiceOver mode.
  • Aligns spokenDescription with on-device VoiceOver by changing Not Enabled to read as Dimmed.
  • Improved the wording and presentation of a subset of Apple framework errors.


  • An issue affecting users on iOS 15.5 where certain color spaces were nameless.
  • The “Help → Show Reveal Framework in Finder…” menu will show the framework in the Finder as expected.
  • The Welcome window will no longer appear when opening Snapshots.
  • Autoselected applications will now load their workspaces correctly.
  • A bug in attributed string deserialisation code that prevented the accessibility data from loading.
  • Refactored some of our heavily recursive code to avoid rare stack overflows.
  • A thread safety issue affecting a small subset of users.
Requires a full or trial license to use.