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Reveal 39a


  • New contrast checks based on the Accessible Perceptual Contrast Algorithm™ (or APCA™). APCA™ is the candidate contrast method for WCAG 3, and is currently in public beta. WCAG 3 is still in development and subject to changes prior to adoption.
  • Support for Shortcuts and Intents. You can now drive the basics of Reveal and compose them into your own workflows using Shortcuts.


  • Eliminated a RevealServer slowdown affecting SwiftUI screens with large accessibility hierarchies.
  • Contrast checks will now try to match the detected colour against the colour of the text as provided by the attributed value or UIKit view properties.
  • An error will be shown in the canvas when there’s more than one instance of an accessibility element.
  • Navigators now support variable size sidebar icons. By default, the system’s sidebar icon size, but you can override this using Reveal’s preferences.
  • We’re switching from Microsoft’s AppCenter to Sentry for collecting diagnostic and error reporting data. As always, this can be disabled from Reveal’s preferences, but will require a re-launch for the setting to take effect.


  • Contrast check results for text now show consistently.
  • Fixed a serialization issue affecting captures when the software keyboard was visible.
  • Fixed a Key-Value Coding (KVC) exception that was happening when attempting to serialize accessibilityTextualContext on iOS 12 and earlier.
  • Fixed a double-free crash in Reveal Server when serializing CGPath instances.
  • Fixed the layout of the contrast capsule swatches when zoomed in.
Requires a full or trial license to use.