Reveal 41

Reveal v41 includes another important fix to our breakpoint integration for users who are running their app on a physical device.

So yes, you may have noticed that we did fix the breakpoint integration in v40… but it also broke it for a different subset of users at the same time – sorry about that! Needless to say, the LLDB commands have been rewritten for this release, and tests have been added to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

This release (v41) will be the last to support macOS 11. Future releases of Reveal will require macOS 12 or newer.


  • We no longer user Microsoft AppCenter to collect crash and error reports.


  • Breakpoint integration should work again when running on a physical device.
  • The Reveal Simulator service (⌘⇧E) will correctly refresh the frontmost Reveal document window if there is one.
Requires a full or trial license to use.