Reveal 42

This release of Reveal features Insights, a brand new workspace. It runs a powerful, accessibility-focused audit of your app — instantly.

Insights will save you time and help you build better apps — for everyone.

We have spent more than a year building the new Insights workspace, working with industry experts and organisations to encode their expertise into more than 130 rules.

These rules are based on a combination of industry and platform-specific guidelines, best practices and over a decade of our own experience developing apps.

Each rule will provide you with information about what the issue is, how to address it, and references for further reading.

This release marks a change in the philosophy of Reveal. For the last ten years, we’ve shown you as much data as we can about your app — to inform your own judgement. With Insights, Reveal will also provide guidance.

For more information about this release, read the full release post.


  • The Insights workspace!
  • The Layout workspace navigator now displays variable names where available.
  • Right-click on any view in the Layout workspace navigator to go directly to its element representation in the Accessibility workspace, if available.
  • Right-click on any element in the Accessibility workspace navigator to go directly to its backing view in the Layout workspace, if available.
  • The Accessibility workspace now has a new Screen Structure mode that lets you inspect the components of a grouped accessibility element.
  • The Accessibility workspace now supports .toggleButton and .supportsZoom, accessibility traits made public with iOS 17.


  • You can now export plain text captures of the navigator content to supplement the Accessibility workspace image exports.


  • Fixed bugs affecting user-driven modifications to the view hierarchy.
  • Fixed Interface Builder-related crashes in the Layout workspace.
  • Fixed bugs affecting contrast checking in the Accessibility workspace.
Requires a full or trial license to use.