Reveal 5


  • A new IBARevealServerDisableAutoStart user default that can be specified at iOS application start up to stop the Reveal Server from automatically starting


  • Reveal now has tighter integration with the LLDB debugger.
  • Using Force Click on a view in the canvas will now focus on that view hierarchy sub-tree


  • Crashes when interacting with the view hierarchy/focus history path during refresh
  • Issues with the representation and serialisation of very large, very small, or out of bounds numeric values (NaN, Infinity, etc)
  • UIView semanticContentAttribute inspector was showing incorrect values
  • Restoring a machine image from a Time Machine backup could lead to Reveal showing inaccurate activation dialogs
  • Reveal now recognises Reveal 1.x RevealLicense files and offers upgrade advice
  • Colours on Macs with wide gamut (P3) displays were not displayed correctly
Requires a full or trial license to use.