Reveal 21


  • When selecting an issue in the outline view, the inspectors will now correctly switch to the “View” scope before opening the layout inspectors.
  • When dealing with deep view hierarchies, sometimes the disclosure arrows in the outline view were not drawn. This has been fixed.
  • Users who are outside their annual support period can now check for updates, and they will be shown the most recent version they can run according to their license.
  • Both Xcode 10.1 and the 10.2 beta has each changed the output of simctl again, so Reveal was creating a new simulator instance every time you launched our sample app. This has been fixed.
  • Reveal Server now includes a preview arm64e slice.
  • Memory address searching in the outline view has been improved - leading zeroes in a 64-bit hex number will be stripped. For example, 0x00007f9f90635110 should find the view with address 0x7f9f90635110 (as it is displayed in Reveal).
  • Errors are properly displayed as errors in the outline view - they were showing as warnings in earlier versions.
  • Tooltip descriptions have been restored to all issues listed in the outline view.
  • Collapsed outline view items that have children containing warnings or errors will now themselves show a warning or error (but only when they are collapsed).
  • Fixed issues editing numeric atributes with a stepper control.
  • Fixed the saturation of the default snapshot icon.
  • Scrolling performance in the outline view has been improved - sorry it got so slow in the last release!
  • And most importantly, the cheer has returned when you enter your license! 🎉
Requires a full or trial license to use.