Reveal 30


  • Support for an initial batch of UIKit v15 properties
  • Support for inspecting and changing text style fonts using the UIFont.preferredFont API
  • An option to hide alignment rects when the view frame differs, which should make inspecting SwiftUI views easier to understand
  • A preference to switch between monochromatic and a new set of multi-coloured icons for the Outline


  • Support for UITableView and its new properties introduced in UIKit v15
  • Support for UIView’s new content size category properties
  • Support for UICollectionView’s allowsFocus and allowsFocusDuringEditing properties
  • Support for UIScene’s new subtitle property
  • Support for UIWindow’s new canBecomeKeyWindow property
  • Support for UILabel’s new showsExpansionTextWhenTruncated property
  • Support for UISlider’s new behaviouralStyle and preferredBehaviouralStyle properties
  • Support for UIControl’s new toolTip property
  • Support for UIDatePicker’s new roundsToMinuteInterval property
  • Outline sidebar, with support for recursively expanding and collapsing items by Option-clicking the disclosure arrow
  • Connection list, which no longer prevents users from quitting the app
  • Inspector, with steppers that now increment by 0.1 and input fields now support arbitrary precision


  • iOS, iPadOS and tvOS 15 all introduce changes to the way applications startup that caused our existing integration methods to deadlock when injecting RevealServer. This release fixes those issues, but if you use the breakpoint integration method, you will need to update your existing breakpoint on UIApplicationMain to be -[UIApplication _run] to avoid this. More information is available in our support article, My app is hanging on launch under Xcode 13 and iOS/tvOS 15
  • Fixed an issue where views with massive frames were causing crashes and incorrect drawing in Reveal’s canvas. As of this release, we clamp the frames of views being presented in the canvas to reasonable values. The inspectors and all visible information will continue to show the correct unclamped values
  • Fixed an issue where the Outline’s selection would remain after the canvas and inspector selection had been cleared
  • Fixed an issue where the Outline would display truncated widths for some rows
  • Fixed an issue in the LLDB integration script that was causing a TypeError
Requires a full or trial license to use.